Theater? Dance? That hasn't been the question for a long time.

By In Dance, Theatre 56 min

Revival for the Biennale de la danse de Lyon, of this piece created at the same festival in 2012 by and . Crackling sounds of old vinyl, words, stones, different languages, fades to black for brief sequences and flash effects.

Maguy Marin collaborates with musician and composer Denis Mariotte once again. Together, they created a choreography which confronts such essential themes as the body, history and the power of images. Although her work has become a classic of contemporary dance, Maguy Marin once again leaps into the unknown.

Maguy Marin always starts from what has been done, not to do it again, but to deepen his questions. With the radical outlook of this artist, the astounded public will undoubtedly experience a sensitive adventure which will have a lasting impact on her life. spectator life.