Ram Dam

By In Dance 1 hour 14 min

Frankly playful, Ramdam initiates a rhythm, a potential passage between sounds, words and bodies. By challenging the tyranny of information and statistics, subtly and softly denounces a life eaten up by a rolling wave of figures and percentages, all nibbling away at silence, a rare commodity in today's society.

After Waterzoï, Maguy Marin entered into a partnership with the composer . Together they encourage dancers to associate with their art of movement, that of song and music. Speaking is then just one more instrument and gives Ramdam not only a deafening echo but also a clearly legible dynamics: the automations of the body embrace those of the mind. Social conventions are criticised through attitudes, dress codes, the small handful of words that, each day, suffice to cross the marked out paths of existence: “Hello”, “Sorry”, Enjoy your meal” to name but a few. As a counterpoint to the absurdity triggered by this endless flow, the choreographer tackles the complexity of human relationships and the possibility for each of us to be both victim and oppressor.