By In Dance 1 hour

signs with BiT her fourty ninth show in just forty years.

The title refers to computer term designating the basic unit of measurement of information. This word, very tonic, gives a first rhythmic impulse, after which the show begins, an implacable succession of impulses, twists and tensions orchestrated with rigor in a dance that is both joyful and desperate. The main point of the show is : the farandole, one of the forms of collective dance shared through ages. Bit take us into the depths of our humanity and ask our individual responsibilities in the turmoil of the days.

49th creation for Maguy Marin. In the center of this piece: the question of rhythm. How form comes through rhythm and how to tune the rhythms of each other to live together.

The linguist Émile Benveniste writes: “The rhythm is the form in the moment that it is assumed by what is moving, mobile, fluid, it is the improvised form, momentary, modifiable. And that's what drives the choreographer. The rhythm is a form in constant transformation. It is a foundation in the unfolding of his pieces one after the other: always starting from what has been done, without ever remaking. This time she works with 6 dancers on the eminently political issue of rhythm. “The only question that is worth, confirms Maguy Marin, is how to produce musicality between us. How singular individual rhythms can articulate with the rhythm of others, to create something that opens a possible sharing.”

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