Ghost Sonata

By In Theatre 1 hour 43 min

August Strindberg is the focus of Dramaten 2012, one hundred years after his death. First up is the Ghost Sonata directed by . This initially misunderstood dream play is today considered one of Strindberg's Central Works, which with its pioneering experimental and modernist form had a great influence on theatrical art.

“The staging is absolutely brilliant … Mats Ek creates theatre history ” SvD

“Hats off to Mats Ek's masterful Ghost Sonata … A spotless masterpiece ” DN

“totally knocking” Sr Kulturnytt

At the center of this remarkable chamber piece, inspired by one of Beethoven's piano sonatas, is the director Hummel, who tries in various ways to expose the lies and illusions around him.

It's my play, and I'm going to make it better. It is a threat and a promise. I mean how hard can it be? I throw in a few moves with my actors


Strindberg's language also sparkles and crackles in the presence of death. A death mass in which the ensemble of the drama plays both the roles and the music that gave rise to the work.