Three works by Scapino Ballet

By In Dance 57 min

While the leaves are blowing

While the leaves are blowing is an ode to them for who it seems impossible to find the right partner. Are we too critical when it comes to finding the perfect partner? Is it a bad thing to stay single? Like a nature documentary we look at a group of people that gathers at a meeting point: it is the final day to find a partner.

The desire for companionship is one of the strongest urges in life. But looking for an ideal partner can become a long and lonely search. What can we do to win someone over?

David Attenborough – Life Story


Wolf is part of the Scapino production ICONS

From October 1, Sahar will be the new house choreographer at Scapino. Earlier this year he made a successful debut at with ‘Test', a preliminary study for his choreography in ICONS. The overwhelming ‘Wolf' is humorous and razor sharp at the same time, the trademark of this talent. Propelled by the music of his regular composer Richard van Kruysdijk, Serussi invites the dancers to explore the full breadth of their individual physicality: from energetic masculinity to playful androgyny. ICONS is inspired by icons from art, music and film. Icons such as Andy Warhol, John Cale, Lou Reed and singer Nico of The Velvet Underground. ‘ICON/NICO' is 's remake of the hit production ‘Nico' from 1997, for which none other than John Cale composed the music. In '15 minutes or less' and ‘Wolf' two emerging talents, and Itamar Serussi Sahar, give their own vision on the concept of Icon.

While we can

Felix Landerer studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Frankfurt am Main. After a career as a dancer, he began choreographing in 2006 and founded his own company in his hometown of Hanover, LANDERER&COMPANY.

Soon professional magazine Dance Europe proclaimed him the “New name to watch” because of his virtuosic and organic visual and dance language. Landerer works with a regular composer, Christof Littmann.

In 2012, Landerer made Irreversable for TWOOLS 14, after which he moved on to full-length work. In 2013 he made Kranken Katze which was part of the Scapino performance Le Chat Noir. In the same year, he made Blind Spot for the show The Great Bean. It earned him a Swan for the most impressive dance production. In October 2014, his choreography 15 minutes or less premiered in the Scapino performance ICONS.

In season 2018-2019, Landerer created the piece The whys and wherefores are elusive as guest choreographer at 2.