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I contain multitudes / Jakie

By In Dance 1 hour 29 min
I contain multitudes

The idea for the work developed around the phrase “tolerance for ambiguity”. It reflects on the increasing challenge of tolerating differences and contradictions in ourselves and others. The work explores what it means to be hemmed in with a multitude of perspectives, to occasionally search for consensus and to allow for it not to be found.

Felix Landerer

“With his captivating and original way of hewing out movement from the human body, Landerer remains a name to watch out for”, wrote Dance Europe on Felix Landerer in 2012. Ten years later, Landerer continues to be praised for his virtuosic and organic movement vocabulary. With a tone that reflects on the human condition, Landerer crafts poetic compositions that are rooted in resistance and resilience and are shaped by clarity and intention. About his creative process, the choreographer says: “It starts with a sense of creative freedom (…) and gets more cerebral once the brain starts searching for dramaturgical clarity and setting everything within a framework. What is beautiful is to observe how informed the material already is, simply because you made it under the influence of a given idea or subject.”

Landerer has created works for several international dance companies. His company LANDERER&COMPANY received the Stadtkulturpreis Hannover for outstanding civic engagement in arts and culture in 2017. In season 2018-2019, the choreographer created The whys and wherefores are elusive for 2. This new work will mark Landerer's debut creation for NDT 1.


Jakie is a twin… she breathes in the dark… alone… he loves her… her wounds are glowing… licking her …. asleep 💔

Sharon Eyal

For the past decade, Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar have formed an essential voice to NDT's repertoire. Through work marked by a forceful sensuality and vulnerability, the duo has been fascinating audiences with a world of their own making, one that defies preconceived notions of movement and the expression of the body. “To me, dance is tribal and primitive, it's about joy”, says Eyal. “When I have an idea, it feels like it has always been there, and yet as if it has never been there. Each work is a continuation of the previous one and offers a unique opportunity to go deeper and deeper.”

Eyal & Behar have been running their company since 2013, and created several world premieres for NDT, such as Salt Womb (2016) that was awarded a Zwaan for ‘Best Dance Production' in 2016. After seven years, NDT is excited to again collaborate with Eyal & Behar and bring back their fresh perspective on dance to our audience.