Fourteen Days

BalletBoyz ‘Fourteen Days’ is a triumphant exploration that shows the depth of this acclaimed company

By In Dance, Films 59 min

Fourteen Days is a thought-provoking exploration about the methods artists employ to create their work. Given just fourteen days, 4 internationally acclaimed choreographers worked with 4 world-renowned composers to make 4 new commissions that challenge and stimulate both the audience and the dancers. Highlighting the diversity of styles and approaches, the show plays with the concept of balance and imbalance and proves to be an exciting, varied programme of dance and music.

Choreographer paired up with composer Scott Walker to create The Title is in the Text, choreographer made Human Animal together with composer Joby Talbot, and choreographer teamed up with composer Keaton Henson to create Us. The final piece, The Indicator Line, was made by choreographer with music by composer Charlotte Harding.