By In Dance 1 hour 37 min

Inspired by the character of Siddharta, offered in 2010 a new creation to the Paris Opera Ballet.

The choreographer revisits the legend of this prince who became the ‘enlightened one', or the Buddha, making a personal and free version, exploring the character's path to asceticism and sacrifice in his quest for truth. Beyond a simple tale, Preljocaj unveils the torments and the mysteries of this long inner path towards light, full of obstacles and doubts.

For his fourth creation for the Paris Opera Ballet, Angelin Preljocaj has gathered an incredible team of artists: Bruno Mantovani, author of a long symphonic poem, Eric Reinhardt for the libretto, visual artist Claude Lévêque, and finally Dominique Bruguière and Olivier Bériot for the lighting and costumes.

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