Left Right Left Right

Move to Move

By In Dance 29 min

With Left Right Left Right' created a worthy successor of his 2010 hit ‘Cacti‘. The rhythmic group choreography is danced by eighteen young dancers of 2. With a healthy dose of humor, they bring an impressive synchronous performance on treadmills, to the Pizzicato Polka by Johann Strauss.

Alexander Ekman created the choreography Left Right Left Right for the Lucent Danstheater in the Hague in the beginning of 2012, and its basic dance impulse focuses on concentration, timing and rhythm. Ekman's choreography, which saw its first staging after the baptismal performance in the Hague, is a study of human movement, which happens in a relatively unusual way: by using treadmills, with simple, yet no less efficient stage effects, and changing contemporary soundscapes. Ekman's artistic goal, always oriented towards the transformation of the auditorium and the shifting of the “norm” perception of the audience, is once more linked to the basic question that he asked before the creative process: Why do we actually need this work?

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