Le Songe de Médée

By In Dance 42 min

is interested in the myths of antiquity as well as current events. Medea's Dream allows him to penetrate inside the soul of a woman, to search for deeply buried desires and to pierce Medea's unconscious beyond the myth: “Perhaps he exists, lurking in each of us, a “Medea complex” in this tendency to see the mistress and the mother as incompatible; a tendency to think that the mother would induce a “deficiency” in the lover and, therefore, the unconscious desire to destroy her children…

Medea's Dream was a great adventure between Angelin Preljocaj, Mauro Lanza, the Paris Opera, Court-circuit and Ircam.

After a significant number of performances of this show at the Paris Opera which took place over two different seasons, a DVD was released. As is the case for film concerts, Court-circuit offers to play Mauro Lanza's score during the broadcast of the ballet recording. It is an original and exciting undertaking because it is first necessary to develop a “click” for the conductor so that he can follow the tempi and gestures of Pierre-André Valade who recorded the music in 2007 during two performances at the Paris Opera.
The video recording, projected on a large screen, will allow the audience to be as close as possible to the dancers when the live performance of the music will recreate the proximity that the listener needs to fully grasp it.

Médée: Marie-Agnès Gillot
Créüse, fille de Créon: Eleonora Abbagnato
Jason: Wilfried Romoli
Les Enfants: Constance Nicolas & Carl Van Gotdsenhoven
Ensemble Court-Circuit
Musical Director: Pierre-André Valade
Music by: Mauro Lanza