Moving North

10 Short Dance Films

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Moving North – 10 Short Dance Films is a unique Nordic project which aims to combine the talents of Nordic choreographers and film makers from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. They have explored movement and space through the camera’s viewfinder and created 10 original dance films each of a length of 5 minutes and specially made for the living images.

The idea behind the project originated from Vibeke Vogel, producer and film director of BAROK Film, Denmark, who, together with her Norwegian colleague Magne Antonsen of The Norwegian Center for the Art of Dance and NordScen – Nordic Centre for the Performing Arts, invited dancers, choreographers, film directors and composers from all the Nordic countries to a four-day seminar in Lillehammer, Norway in 2001.

The second part of the project was the production of 10 short original dance films across the five Nordic countries. Leading up to this, 20 ideas for dance films were selected for further development. They were selected out of a total of 120 applications by an international selection committee. During spring 2002, the committee and the five national film producers selected 10 of the developed projects for final production.

Dir.: Reynir Lyngdal, chor.: Katrin Hall
A couple fights in their bedroom over a burst water pipe. Techniques involving water tank explosions and trampolines. References, martial arts and cartoon strips.

While the cat’s away (ICELAND)
Dir.: Reynir Lyngdal, chor.: Katrin Hall
When a young pedantic daughter is at work, her elderly mother transforms into a wild dancer, using their overfilled flat as a stage. A heart-warming comedy about prejudice, self-respect and dreams fulfilled.

Vertebra – how a thought becomes a movement (FINLAND)
Dir.: Milla Moilanen, chor.: Alpo Aaltokoski
Dancefilm/animation that studies the movement, shape and rhythms of the human body using scientific materials.

Portrait (FINLAND)
Dir., chor.: Saara Cantell
A married couple struggle in a portrait photographer’s studio. Tragicomic about facade and the harsh reality in a relationship.

The radioballet (NORWAY)
Dir.: Per-Ivar Jensen, chor.: Indra Lorentzen
An old couple is listening to the radio, in which the Radioballet dances a fairytale. A Chinese-box-story about the love of dance and music.

To the House (NORWAY)
Dir.: Dag J. Haugerud, Kajsa Nęss, chor.: Un-Magritt Nordseth
A girl experiences that her grandfather dies the same day she turns 15. It’s time for a strange family gathering. The family personalities and the tensions between them will be expressed through choreographed movements and dance seen through the girl’s point of view.

Rewind (SWEDEN)
Dir.: Mårten Nilsson, chor.: Gunilla Hellborn
Exactly what happened that day, when Henry moved into his new house?
One house, eight dancers, one camera.

Thursday – all we really want to do is dance (SWEDEN)
Dir., chor., dancers: Minna Krook och Lisa Spets
Two young women are possessed by dance and their daily chores gets interrupted as “all we really want to do is dance”. The film shows with humour when the women´s surreal interpretation of reality meets the normal life around them. It is a film about the pleasure to combine your passion with your everyday life.

Regin smisur – une danse ballade (DENMARK)
Dir.: Katrin Ottarsdóttir, dir. assistant: Hugin Eide
A dance from 12th Century France. Once popular all over Western Europe. It has survived as a live tradition in the remote Faroe Islands only. Subjective impression of the chain dance. Via intense and raw pictures, sound and editing, the film captures the spirit and joy of the dance that comes close to trance and ecstacy.

Dir., chor.: Ulrik Wivel
Four dancers – one room. This film is dance for camera in a pure and subtle form. Two classical and two modern dancers perform in a rhythm created somewhere between movement, music, framing and editing.