The Dying Swans Project

By In Dance, Films 56 min

These days, hope seems to die just like the proverbial swan. But difficulties have always – to stay with the metaphor – given wings to . Especially since his latest baby had what it took to excite the dance scene, organisers and business partners alike. So thoroughly, in fact, that in the course of just one week, his idea turned into a confirmed production: The Dying Swans Project. Eric Gauthier's aim was to open up a new perspective during lockdown – not only for the „dying swans“ of but for a total of 64 artists from the fields of dance, choreography, music and film. And that was the plan:

16 choreographers, 8 women and 8 men, will each create one dance solo for the 16 members of the Dance Company . The commissions also include the original scores and the filming of the 16 pieces. The result: 16 new creations in 16 different choreographic signatures conveying one strong message: Culture is unstoppable! Accordingly, the project is conceived in two phases: first in form of video clips.

But there's more to come. Eric Gauthier has fleshed out his plans for a live version of the project. Instead of simply performing selected solos at the co-producing venues, there will now be The Dying Swans Live Experience! The stage show is inspired by the piece that gave the project its name: Michel Fokine's iconic solo The Dying Swan. The original will play an important part in many „respects“. After all, Gauthier aims at nothing less than a bow to ballet history – in the form of a decidedly contemporary appropriation. Therefore, not only will the complete 16 solos from The Dying Swans Project be shown, either live or on film, but a member of Gauthier Dance will also put on pointe shoes to bring the historic choreography to life on stage. In addition, Eric Gauthier has solicited short video statements from famous ballerinas such as and Diana Vishneva, telling what this piece means to them. The programme is complemented by documentary insights from Rainhardt Albrecht-Herz, who accompanied the truly extraordinary rehearsal process at Gauthier Dance with the camera. The evening will be hosted by Eric Gauthier as master of ceremonies and Dying Swan explainer.

AELLΩ by Andonis Foniadakis (choreography, set, costumes) – Julien Tarride (composer) – Rainhardt Albrecht-Herz (videographer) – Anneleen Dedroog (dance)

drops by (choreography, set, costumes) – Milko Lazar (composer) – Jens Ole Huerkamp (videographer) – Alessio Marchini (dance) from 4:15

Emovere by (choreography, set, costumes) – Sigal Goldsobel (composer) – Rainhardt Albrecht-Herz (videographer) – Izabela Szylinska (dance) from 8:05

Flatternd by Bridget Breiner (choreography, set) – Patrick Breiner (composer) – Dennis Ströbele (videographer) – Nora Brown (dance) – Bridget Breiner, Nora Brown (costumes) from 12:00

Kamma by Smadar Goshen (choreography, set, costumes) – Roderik Vanderstraeten (composer) – Katja Trautwein (videographer) – Theophilus Veselý (dance) from 15:55

Off White by Virginie Brunelle (choreography, set, costumes) – Laurier Rajotte (composer) – Torsten Frank (videographer) – Barbara Melo Freire (dance) from 20:05

SILENT SWAN by Kinsun Chan (choreography, set, costumes) – Daniel Steffen, Hans Peter Pfammatter (composers & remix) – wemake (film production) – Bruna Andrade (dance) from 24:00

Taleb's Theory by Anita Hanke (choreography, set, costumes) – Marc Strobel (composer) – punchline studio (film production) – Pirmin Styrnol & Maik Styrnol (film direction) – Shawn Wu (dance) from 28:15

OBLONG BLUR by Nicki Liszta und backsteinhaus produktion (choreography, set, costumes) – Heiko Giering, backsteinhaus produktion (composer) – Christopher Bühler, backsteinhaus produktion (videographer) – Louiza Avraam (dance) from 32:20

Swanny Side of Life by Guillaume Hulot (choreography, set, costumes) – Antonin Comestaz (composer) – Sebastian Greim (videographer) – Jonathan dos Santos (dance) from 36:25

We Were Many by Kevin O'Day (choreography, set, costumes) – Roderik Vanderstraeten (composer) – Michi Meier (videographer) – Luca Pannacci (dance) from 40:20

Fallen Wings by Dominique Dumais (choreography, set, costumes) – Julia Kent (composer) – Anna Stradinger (videographer) – Shori Yamamoto (dance) from 44:20

Oloris Oram by Elisabeth Schilling (choreography, set, costumes) – Pascal Schumacher (composer) – Kim Heß (videographer) – Mark Sampson (dance) from 48:20

la Cigna by (choreography, set, costumes) – Bruno Moretti (composer) – Steffen Thalemann, Dominik Kuhn (videographer) – Garazi Perez Oloriz (dance) from 52:25