Triple Bill

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How do we bridge the gap that continues to grow as we stagnate?

The work problematizes the ease with which we blindly adopt what others say or do, and how in so doing we lose the opportunity for fruitful growth. Can we bring ourselves to seriously question the world together and find the strength to provide it with a new interpretation?

“The world première of 's Impasse was a wonderful kaleidoscope of images and influences which had a very American feel to it. […] Great stuff.”Arts Talk Magazine about IMPASSE

About Now

French choreographer questions the way we perceive and interpret gestures, exploring dance through various techniques. In projects such as the book “Actions, mouvements et gestes,” and the 2013 work Mouvement sur movement, Soulier introduces a discrepancy between discourse and the gestures that accompany it. In this way, he attempts to activate the audience's bodily memory through movements that refer to absent objects or events.

With this work, Soulier made his debut with the company.

Ten duets on a theme of rescue

“I love the word ‘rescue.' It tells a whole story in a single word,” said internationally renowned choreographer . Ten Duets on a Theme of Rescue (2008) was originally created for Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. “The creation of this work was a dig. After constructing the choreography, I searched the choreography for images that evoked rescue; images that were already present in the movements as fragments of an untold story,” says Pite. In each of the ten duets, an image of salvation is held for a brief moment of reflection before being released back into the dance.