Fierce!: Festival Steps

Two internationally renowned artists and 25 young dancers for a program combining the bubbling energy of performers and choreographic maturity!

By In Dance 50 min

A unique dance school and young dancers' company, has been around for over 50 years, and is recognised internationally for its excellent grounding in the discipline. It offers a wide range of dance styles and creative teaching. Its origins can be traced back to the celebrated choreographer , who founded the École de Danse de Genève at the Grand Théâtre de Genève in 1969. The school was privatised in 1975 under its director Beatriz Consuelo. Patrice Delay and Jean Wood took over in 1999, and in 2007 they moved to “L'Imprimerie” in the city centre. In 2010 the Geneva Council of State incorporated the school into the Confédération des Ecoles Genevoises de musique, rythmique Jaques-Dalcroze, danse et théâtre (CEGM).



Created in 2010 for the dancers of the

The stage is dominated by dancers dressed in skin-colored academics, identical wigs and sparkling blue contact glasses. A uniformity that unifies the entire group and exposes the soul and physicality of each dancer.
The kaleidoscopic complexity of the choreography carried out by the dancers, who organize and reorganize themselves into constantly changing group formation, hypnotizes against a background of thrilling rhythms, punctuated by piercing and guttural screams.

The observation of the piece is similar to that of the internal functioning of a finely tuned mechanical watch; each dancer and each small group are necessary for the functioning of a whole. “Bill” plunges us into dark corners, where thought gives way to instinct.

“Bill”, by Sharon Eyal is not only a new well-choreographed piece, but rather a stage, a significant and wonderful creation of a talented artist who is not afraid of complexity.

Merav Yodilovich, Ynet, 2010

A co-production of the Suzanne Dellal Centre and the Israeli Opera for the Tel Aviv Opera House / first November 2009.
Based on a short story by Isaac Loeb Peretz “Bontsha the Silent”, “ROOSTER” follows an unlucky young man during a night of intermittent dreams. Barak Marshall creates moments of lightness that enchant the public.
“ROOSTER” is a sad, funny, living dance-theatre play.

Barak Marshall proves that he is an authentic author, a full-fledged choreographer, with a powerful style and a unique voice. His writing is vigorous, original, feverish, carried by excellent performers, by an inner dynamic and an intelligence that give him a sometimes striking eloquence

Raphaël de Gubernatis, Le Nouvel Observateur, February 2, 2009.