White Noise

By In Dance 1 hour 3 min

A unique cooperation between and The Revolution Orchestra gave birth to a new version of the  acclaimed creation that was presented a decade ago

White noise questions the way we live and think and explore the tension between the noise around us and our longing for internal tranquility

White Noise, a coproduction of the Vertigo Dance Company and the Revolution Orchestra, weaves together dance and live music, presenting the audience with an inspiring dialogue that embodies the complexity of human life in the constant changes of the modern age. The original score, composed by Ran Bagno in 2008, has been adapted and orchestrated for string and percussion instruments, accentuating the encounter between the surrounding white noise, the soulful beat, and the strumming of the heart. Moreover, the live social encounter of dancers and musicians seeks to surpass all barriers, penetrating white noise and indifference