Sudden and Suspended

By In Dance 18 min

Coming back to create for 2 felt almost necessary.
The company is completely new since the last time I worked with them and this aspect was the starting point in the process. No concept, no ideas, no music or other elements, I just wanted to work with them in the new empty space. As we approached each other, a dialogue of instincts began and the process unleashed spontaneously. After a few minutes we received Milko's first fragment of music and the journey ignited.

The daily ritual of rehearsing gently united us behaving in the same pattern, somehow forming a human cluster that naturally became the pillar of this piece.

Clug created his first work for NDT in 2015, mutual comfort, that led to rave reviews and thus marked his breakthrough in the Netherlands. In all his works, the choreographer (Romania) displays a poetic and dynamic nature to his choreographic language with a strong contrast in detail that creates refined, intimate and sensual movements. Clug's premiere for Sudden and Suspended will be his fifth commission with NDT, establishing him as recurring and welcoming guest choreographer with the company.

Program Sudden and Suspended is triple bill by both familiar and new voices to NDT featuring the return of 's critically acclaimed IMPASSE and the compelling new creation Fathoms by the choreographic duo and David Raymond, also known as Out Innerspace, who present their first collaboration with NDT 2 and with that their debut for Dutch audiences.