Chroma, Grace, Takademe, Revelations

Lincoln Center at the Movies

By In Dance 1 hour 54 min

This entry from the Lincoln Center at the Movies series celebrates one of the nation's premier modern dance companies: , which was formed in New York by Ailey in 1958 and showcases African-American performers. Serving up a quartet of pieces that demonstrate both the troupe's variety in programming and the extraordinary skill of its corps, this performance kicks off with “Chroma” (2006), an explosion of ensemble riffs by British choreographer , set to music by the White Stripes and Joby Talbot. Next up is 's “Grace” (1999), a succession of solos and ensembles mixing modern and West African dance moves while depicting a march of pilgrims to heavenly glory, backed by an eclectic score by Duke Ellington, Roy Davis, and Fela Kuti. The third item is the brief “Takademe” (1999) by the company's current artistic director, , featuring a brilliantly exuberant solo by that is based on the Kathak rhythms of Indian classical dance and set to syncopated vocals by Sheila Chandra. The presentation ends with the company's signature piece, Ailey's “Revelations” (1960), which serves up a series of scenes tied to the African-American religious and spiritual experience, all set to a selection of spirituals, gospel songs, and blues.