Deca Dance

By In Dance 1 hour 13 min

Designed for the first time in 2000, the program then celebrated the 10 years worth of creations of with the company, offering a striking collage of excerpts from his work. The piece has been steadily reworked and enhanced, and now gives the Israeli choreographer a chance to display his various inspirations – from the most demonstrative movement to very intimate expression – as well as to interrogate the key elements of his work. More than a collection of selected works, it is a genuine recreation whose repertoire provides continuously revisited material. Energetic and sensual, always walking a fine line between body and soul emotions, dance becomes its own theater. An enthralling experience for spectators, caught up in a whirlwind of unforgettable movements, sounds and images delivered by a company at its best. 

Choreographer: Ohad Naharin

Performed by Batsheva – the Young Ensemble 70 minutes without intermission

Deca dance is a piece that celebrates our repertoire.  It's like a game, a playground where we can add or subtract different sections of our past work, looking at them from different angles. The core remains, but the piece constantly changes according to the current repertoire, and allows the dancers to be at their best, and to forge fresh content into the work that is new for me as well. The whole, clear work is constructed from a collection of unfinished stories. 

Ohad Naharin