Wings of Wax

I can imagine, that this title evokes the ancient story of Icarus and his father Daedalus with their flight and plight, trying to escape their imprisonment in the infamous “Laborintus”. This great epos doesn’t only tell us a fascinating story from a distant past. It symbolizes the eternal desire of human  beings for freedom in its physical, […]


Souls made apparent brings some of the most technically challenging and theatrically demanding NDT creators together in one programme: besides a world premiere Big Crying by associate choreographer Marco Goecke, the young dancers of NDT will present 27’52’’ by maestro Jiří Kylián. This piece takes the viewer along for a game of seeking and being […]

Black and White

Between shadow and light, experience six ballets of the highest quality, among which is Petite Mort (created on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death), by the Czech choreographer Jiří Kylián, brilliantly interpreted by the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). This retrospective takes the plunge into the universe and style of this singular personality—the […]

Toss of a Dice

Many components of this work are as unstable and unpredictable as the poem “Toss of a dice” by Stéphane Mallarmé (“Un Coup de Dés”) which was my major source of inspiration. The poem was written in 1897 and it is remarkable in every way. It is a unique and visual poem using seemingly unrelated words […]

One of a Kind

One of a Kind applies not just to this full-length work but also to its creator: Jiří Kylián. With this company premiere, the Stuttgart Ballet celebrates one of its heroes and adds a new work to its extensive Kylián repertory for the first time in over 20 years. In the fall of 1968, Jiří Kylián […]


Birth-day was inspired, in part, by Sabine Kupferberg, who is one of the performers, as well as Kylián’s wife. The music is by Mozart, and the dancers wear period costumes and wigs. The premise is that this is Sabine’s birthday, but for Kylián, there is a dark side to this: another birthday means another year […]

Angels and Demons

The evening opens with a revival of Kylián’s Falling Angels. Set to Steve Reich’s intense and driving percussion, Falling Angels is a study about discipline and freedom, about belonging and the wish for independence, about performers and the art of performing. Kylián’s Petite Mort is perhaps one of the Czech choreographer’s most sought after and […]

The Soldier’s Tale

L’Histoire Du Soldat Jiří Kylián feels a great affinity for Stravinsky, who, like himself, was forced to leave his homeland. He describes the composer’s music drama, L’Histoire du Soldat, as a ‘surrealistic fairy tale for grown-up children’. His version of the piece uses the original French version libretto by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz. With scenery and […]

Bella Figura

Nederlands Dans Theater Jiří Kyliáns piece ‘Bella Figura’ for the NDT 1 programme ‘Sometimes, I wonder’.  Bella Figura (1995) is considered a Kylián masterpiece. It was one of the first times he deconstructed the stage where theatrical elements acted as a metaphor. A journey in time _ light and space, addressing the ambiguity of aesthetics […]

Dare to Say

In continuation of our season 2020-2021, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is very excited to present the second programme, performed by NDT 2. Dare to Say presents two works by distinctive makers. Alexander Ekman and Dimo Milev challenge the dancers of the second company in their new creations with different approaches to movement and choreography adapted to the […]

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