Jiří Kylián Evening

Stepping Stones, Gods and Dogs, Petite Mort, Sechs Tänze

By In Dance 1 hour 38 min

Filled with eerie images on the border of reality and dream, 's work blends oneirism and wry humour. Set to music by John Cage and Anton Webern, Stepping Stones pays tribute to the memory and heritage of dance. On stage, Egyptian cats are the guardians of tradition.

Three new pieces by Kylián enter the Ballet's repertoire this season. Petite Mort poetically explores the double theme of death: the lesser one symbolising orgasm and the greater one that brings life to a close. Pas de deux and swordplay alternate against a backdrop of Mozart concertos.

Sechs Tänze extends the Mozartian universe and caricatures it in a series of dances with a quirky sense of humour, while Gods and Dogs explores the borderline between normality and madness: when dogs become gods and vice versa. In a midnight blue light, the dancers perform in front of delicate strings that recall those of a Beethoven quartet.

The Étoiles, the Premières Danseuses, the Premiers Danseurs and the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet

Stepping Stones CHOREOGRAPHY Jiří Kylián MUSIC John Cage, Anton Webern SET AND LIGHTING DESIGN Michael Simon COSTUME DESIGN Joke Visser Dancers: Ludmila Pagliero, Hannah O'Neill, Hugo Marchand, Mathieu Ganio, Arthus Raveau, Nine Seropian, Caroline Osmont, Pablo Legasa.

Gods and Dogs CHOREOGRAPHY Jiří Kylián MUSIC Dirk P. Haubrich, Ludwig van Beethoven SET DESIGN, COSTUME DESIGN ET MUSIC DESIGN Jiří Kylián COSTUME DESIGN Joke Visser LIGHTING DESIGN Kees Tjebbes Dancers: Valentine Colasante, Francesco Mura, Julien Guilemmard, Caroline Osmont, Takeru Coste, Nine Seropian, Andrea Sarri

Petite Mort CHOREOGRAPHY Jiří Kylián MUSIC Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart SET AND LIGHTING DESIGN Jiří Kylián COSTUME DESIGN Joke Visser Dancers: Leonore Bolac, Bleuenn Battistoni, Pablo Legasa, Silvia Saint-Martin, Aubane Philbert, Yvon Demol, Alexandre Boccara, Clemense Gross, Alexander Maryianowski, Alexandre Gasse, Lucie Devignes, Gregory Dominiak

Sechs Tanze CHOREOGRAPHY Jiří Kylián MUSIC Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart SET DESIGN AND COSTUME DESIGN Jiří Kylián LIGHTING DESIGN Joop Caboort