By In Musical 1 hour 2 min

The wheel goes round and round, some are up and some are on the down, and still the wheel goes round.”Josephine Pollard

Between two heartbeats, the light creeps closer and closer to your number. It won’t be everyone, it can’t be everyone tonight, but it might be you.

Someone is looking for their teeth, someone else is in brilliant pain, all of them are spinning like gods and then something happens that is irreversible.

All cords to the past are broken. All cords to the future are out of reach. So now there is only the present moment. Everything unfolds second by second and it’s loud and it’s hot and the body works as if by magic. Now the real trouble begins.

In a shift from their previous spectacular outdoor collaborations, Requardt & Rosenberg created an up-close experience for a limited audience, informed by psychological research into memory distortion. They’ll take out the seats, build a new stage, and get the audience right into the middle of the whole mess.

DeadClub™ is open to those who are not dead yet. The recently dead need not apply. Standing room only.

One of the most enjoyably baffling productions I’ve seen in ages…so radically reconfigured as to be almost unrecognisable

The Guardian