Full Moon

By In Dance 1 hour 55 min

Created in 2006, Vollmond (Full Moon) accentuates the profound humanity of dancers of all ages and origins as they explore solitude and the desire for love, complete with laughter and tears, unfeeling apathy and startling vitality. Poignant, dizzying and amazing solos are danced on a bare proscenium.
These alternate with encounters, games of sensual or playful seduction, and comical theatre sketches that take place amidst Peter Pabst's amazing set design. Centred round a huge lunar-like rock, Bausch's cherished theme of water surges and resurges. A lake appears, and a dancer floats by while others swim, fight or frolic under intermittent rain that falls in a downpour or as a fine drizzle. Like a pagan ritual, the piece impresses with very powerful imagery.

A piece by .

Director and Choreographer Pina Bausch.

Dancers Pablo Aran Gimeno, Rainer Behr, Silvia Farias Heredia, Ditta Miranda Jasjfi, Dominique Mercy, Nazareth Panadero, Helena Pikon, Jorge Puerta Armenta, Azusa Seyama, Julie Anne Stanzak, Michael Strecker, Fernando Suels Mendoza.

Music Amon Tobin, Alexander Balanescu with the Balanescu Quartett, Cat Power, Carl Craig, Jun Miyake, Leftfield, Magyar Posse, Nenad Jelić, René Aubry, Tom Waits.

Premiere May 11, 2006, Wuppertal.

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