Chotto Xenos

How does war begin? And how does it end? Perhaps the answer depends on who’s telling the story.

By In Dance 50 min

Chotto Xenos is inspired by 's solo show XENOS, and created by Sue Buckmaster who directed Chotto Desh, both of which drew huge acclaim at the Edinburgh International Festival. Chotto Xenos visits the untold stories of colonial soldiers during the First World War. This tender yet epic story probes profound issues relevant for young audience members.

The production is suitable for children over the age of eight, but can also be appreciated by adults. Using humour, facial expressions and clear body language, the piece manages to convey the horror of the reality of war, while still creating space for reflection and hope. The scenography and use of video bind the story together, and present it in a format and a form that is designed for a young audience. Because where does a war start? And where does it end? That usually depends on who is telling the story.

Khan is one of the UK's most influential choreographers, thanks to his flair for creating compelling narrative works. His accessible, deeply relevant productions combine influences from the Indian classical dance form kathak and contemporary dance.

In collaboration with Akram Khan Company, we have created an exciting activity pack for families to do at home to explore the themes in Chotto Xenos.

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