Send in the clowns!

By In Dance, Theatre 46 min

Season 2016-2017 concludes with an evening solely dedicated to the work of associate choreographer . 1 will perform a newly developed version of Pite's eclectic masterpiece Parade (2013).

Like many choreographers Pite realized she wanted to return to the work to explore it deeper, and to further develop and enrich its characters. The piece is an apt image of imagination, absurdity and ritual. With the rank-and-file marching bands in contrast to a disorganized parade of clowns, Pite emphasizes the tension between instinct and intellect, rational and irrational, unconsciousness and consciousness.

Chrystal Pite's choreography is as playful as it is threatening and as inventive as it is exquisitely choreographed

Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant