Silent Lines

By In Dance 53 min

Silent Lines draws upon Maliphant’s research and explorations in dance and anatomy using a unique mix of movement, animated video projection, and lighting. The piece investigates a range of poetic possibilities, using the visually rich and resonant connections between internal and external worlds, the microcosm and the macrocosm. Drawing on methodologies from a spectrum of movement disciplines and setting these within a world of animated light, Silent Lines explores the endless web of connections we encompass and embody.

Note from the choreographer: Silent Lines is a work for 5 exceptional dancers – with projections used to create a fluidly shifting atmosphere using animations by Panagiotis Tomaras. The music has been created by Dana Fouras and passes seamlessly from classical to electronic and the costumes have been created by Stevie Stewart of Bodymap.

The intention for this piece was to use some of the elements I am often exploring behind the scenes that effect movement and use those elements to create an aesthetic language. In this way, ideas and images from inside the body were projected to create spaces and textures within the stage environment to be manipulated by the dancers’ movement.

Their movement language has a shared ground but is also unique and personal to each dancer and their participation was another inspiration behind the project.

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