Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

By In Dance, Films 50 min

Loosely based on the acts of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, this dance theatre piece by Physical Theatre explores the forces of societal homophobia and what drove Nilsen to kill for company. Created and performed by , , and , this 1989 film is an emotionally raw look at lust and loneliness.

As is usual with DV8, the thematic idea is explored in movement of extraordinary invention, breathtaking risks involving split-second timing, astonishing strength and stamina.

London Evening Standard

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men explores the grisley world of the notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen. Founded upon the conviction that societal homophobia is bound to result in tragic consequences, it gets to grips with the disturbing forces that drove Nilson to kill for company. In the anguished twilight between the meatmarket of gay clubland and brokenhearted bedsitterland, the fine line between sex and death is all but erased. Harrowing, and bleak, the fierce physical action that has become DV8's trademark is nevertheless shaped into a forceful plea for humanity in a dehumanising world.