By In Dance 21 min

Self-Portrait is a 20-minute work danced by Sebastian Haynes, and Toon Lobach. Originally inspired by an art exhibition in Vienna and as an extension of the works Standby and Unspoken – respectively Lightfoot's farewell performance for and a Tribeca-nominated short film dedicated to his late father.

Selvportræt, an intimate and personal work threaded together by the characters representing Life, Love & Death. Inspired by the ancient myth of the Moirai; three goddesses who assigned a mortal's destiny at birth by spinning a thread together. Clotho (The Spinner), Lachesis (The Allotter), and Atropos (The Inflexible). I wanted to use this metaphor as a mirror to hold onto all our lives during these strange and lonely times. Distant from each other, yet connected. A reflection on the beauty and pathos of our interwoven states. The stripping of one's ego until we discover the resolution within the poetry of our fleeting existences.