shifted realities

By In Dance 49 min

Shifted Realities is a double solo by choreographer and her long-time dancer Hironori Sugata. The two are about the same age and bound by a deep mutual appreciation. Now both are on the stage together, each in their own unique way.

“For example, the body of the dancer stretches out beyond the room, which is at the same time an inner and outer space for him” wrote Foucault in 1966. According to the philosopher, it is only the reflection of the human being that makes him understand his whole form through the idea of himself. The double solo pursues this idea of parallel displacement. We do not stand on our own, but affect each other. Each one influences the life of the other and a bit the world too, with his deeds, his energy, his impact…

Two dancers in their own room, parallel to each other, simultaneously and thus not isolated, not in sync, but in mutual influence. – an exceedance of space and time, which allows autonomy as well as transformation. The space in which we live is not a vacuum, but is always connected with roots, stories, and the life of another.
With the double solo she exploits further the potential of the individual, full of opposing references and indications. According to Lucretius, “things create their own visibility by constantly sending thin layers of their outer shell into space, leaving corresponding imprints on our retina”.

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