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In their 26 years as a choreographic duo, and have built a rich repertoire of over fifty ballets which show a wide range of compelling pieces that, however diverse, share a strong, innovative artistic voice. Stop-Motion was created by the house choreographers for the 1 repertoire. The ballet premiered on January 29, 2014. On melancholic music by Max Richter, seven dancers depict a process of farewell and transformation. As ephemeral as the dust, they grace the stage like ghosts or spirits that light up and fade out. In this way, many elements in Stop-Motion address the notions of past and future and how they merge into the present. This is reinforced by large screens that show delayed video projections, which include their daughter Saura.

(Córdoba, Spanje) and (Kingsley, England) started creating together 26 years ago. Since then the duo have created more than fifty pieces for the company. In 2002 they were appointed house ’s choreographers. Together they have won prestigious awards, such as the Benois de la Danse and the Herald Archangel.

choreography &
assistant to the choreographers Jorge Nozal
music Max Richter: “Ocean House Mirror”, “Powder Pills Truth”, “He is Here”, “Everything is Burning”, “On the Shore”, ‘End Title”, “How to Die in Oregon”, published by Mute Song Limited ; “Sorrow Atoms”, “Monologe”, “A Lover’s Complaint”, courtesy of Atlantic Screen Composers; “November”, published by IMAGEM UK LTD.

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