Mirror and Music

By In Dance 1 hour 19 min

With Mirror and Music, Japanese choreographer returns to with a work for nine dancers, for which he also did the stage design, lighting, and costumes. “I am trying to express something of the invisible…that has no specific form, it's more a shape that erases itself, that is constantly appearing and disappearing. I feel close to what is disappearing rather than to what is trying to stabilize.” A dance to see and hear that will carry the spectator beyond the real.

Mirror and music does not exist in reality.
It reflects and multiplies what we see, or what we strongly imagine. 
A different dimension from the real world. 
Something yet unknown. Never to be known for sure. 
But something so sure. 
So what does this mean for the body? 
Dancers expose their bodies into this new dimension of reality, filled with music and light.

ChoreographySaburo Teshigawara

Live musicSaburo Teshigawara, Izumi Nakano

LightsSergio Pessanha Son Tim Wright

SoundNicolas Joly