Dah Dah Sko Dah Dah

By In Dance 1 hour 11 min

Saburo Teshigawara is a leader of the art and dance scene, famed for his aesthetic fusing intellect, movement, stage design and lighting. Inspired by the Kenji Miyazawa poem “Haratai Kenbairen”, “DAH-DAH-SKO-DAH-DAH” (premiered 1991) is one of his major works, staged in 9 countries and 18 cities around the world.

The resonance of kenbai taiko drums from northern mountains. The sound of the wind. The throbbing of a heart. Whilst weaving Miyazawa's poetry around the world, has been investigating its words, getting closer to what came before the birth of music: clusters of sound, sand, noise. Sometimes strong, sometimes faint – sound shakes the air, it transforms bodies and space. Teshigawara will dismantle Miyazawa's poem and create a place where it is reborn, 21 years on from its debut. With his truly global sensibility, Teshigawara's career knows no barriers of east and west. Now he will re-stage and re-create his experiment in listening to Miyazawa's folk poetry and spinning it through the filter of Occidental modernism.