Dance in the depths of the ocean

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With the ballet “Naiad”, the Stuttgart Ballet lets its audience immerse themselves at home in fascinating marine worlds.

The Stuttgart Ballet will take its audience below the surface of the sea for three days: The ocean ballet “Naiad”, which premiered in February of this year, will be available for three days in the stream of the Staatstheater from today.

The one-act piece takes place in the dark depths of the sea, in a fascinating underwater world in which the dancers meet for spoken excerpts from the poem “The Kraken” by Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem.

The piece was created by , former principal soloist of the Stuttgart Ballet and freelance choreographer. The music for the piece comes from Joby Talbot, whose “Algal Bloom” could hardly be thematically more appropriate, as well as Nicolas Sáava, who was specially commissioned with the composition for the piece. Sinéad Brodd, Elisa Badenes, Ami Morita and Agnes Su dance in the leading roles.

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