Le Jardin

Le Jardin was ’s first creation for the stage. The performance is a diptych, comprising a film – made in an African nightclub in Brussels – and a piece of dance theatre.

In Le Jardin, the most diverse and unusual characters immerse themselves in the nightlife, in a cabaret-like atmosphere. This dream or nightmare conjures up a world without barriers. Then comes the dance, and another reality begins. In the live performance three characters from the film return in a beautifully tended garden. Both the film and the performance highlight the value of the human form, the tragedy of wasted lives.

Le Jardin was created by , and Simon Versnel and premiered on 13 June 2002 at Victoria (Ghent, BE). Between 2002 and 2008, the piece toured throughout Europe. Le Jardin was also the first part of a trilogy and was followed in 2004 by Le Salon and finally in 2007 by Le Sous Sol.

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