Lonely Town, Lonely Street

Jazz songs and their suggested narratives of urban alienation

By In Films, Musical 28 min

Lonely Town, Lonely Street 's jazz ballet “Lonely Town, Lonely Street”, in which he himself takes part, is a passionate and energy-laden portrait of a lonely person in the big city. The work takes its title from the popular music of Bill Withers on which it is based, and from the stage design by Andrew Storer, whose set with fire escapes represents a rundown neighbourhood in a North American metropolis. The titles of the compositions alone give an indication of the stage action: “Song for Guy”, “Lonely Town, Lonely Street”, “Another day to run”, “Let me in your life”, “I don't want you on my mind”, “Who is he and what is he to you”, “Ain't no sunshine when she's gone” and “You”.

Robert North was an important influencer into the development of the Dance Company from 1966-2002. He was Artistic Director from 1981-1986, but was a choreographer for the company as well; Ballet Rambert performed his works during his directorship, and have since performed them in his honour.