Episode 31

By In Dance, Films 25 min

Swedish choreographer is known for his fast-paced timing, witty humor, and clever choreography, and Episode 31 does not disappoint.

Episode 31 opened on a screen where the audience watched a video of the artists of Pennsylvania Ballet rehearsing and talking about their feelings about the piece. The footage moves to follow the dancers as they go through the city of Philadelphia, rehearsing in various famous parts of the city, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, City Hall, and Logan Square.

Episode 31 switches from interesting pulsating movement to writhing on the floor to all the dancers standing in parallel diagonal lines dancing together. It is really intoxicating, and more excitement comes in interspersed moments, like when Ian Hussey is standing on a “soapbox” at the front of the stage and dances, stomping his feet side to side and counting loudly. He then stops to scream at the top of his lungs, “Stop it!”