By In Dance 1 hour 12 min

's Vortex, commissioned by the in 2014 will once again re-enter the renowned company's repertoire. The collaboration has become a huge success, brought back by popular demand in Seoul several times. In 2015, Vortex was also invited to open the Cannes Dance Festival.

In the creation the primal vortex of the interface between past and present is interpreted by 25 performers. The live music, composed for VORTEX by Young-gyu Jang, is performed on stage by Be-being, an ensemble known for its innovative interpretations of the Korean musical heritage. The lighting and set design is by Mikki Kunttu and costumes are by Erika Turunen.

Tero Saarinen was the first foreign contemporary choreographer to work with the renowned troupe, dedicated to upholding and promoting Korean dance traditions. Having achieved huge success with both audiences and critics alike, VORTEX has established itself in the repetitive repertoire one of Asia's leading dance companies, NDCK. In addition to performing the creation in Seoul the group has also toured with the creation in other parts of Asia and Europe. It will now be seen in Finland for the first time ever.

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