Acqua Alta

By In Dance 52 min

A journey in the imagery of water, with a stage performance, a pop-up book in augmented reality and an experience in virtual reality.

Acqua Alta is a story. A woman, a man, a house. A daily routine, absurd and filled with discrepancies. But one wet rainy day, their life is turned upside down : the rising waters drown their home in an ink-colored sea. The woman slips and disappears. Only her hair remains, and it is alive. It tells the tale of a disaster, unique and universal. It tells of losing and searching. It tells of the fear of the bizarre and otherness, and how to tame it.

We created three variations on the same story, using three different formats: Acqua Alta – Ink black : a visual theatre performance that blends movement and living digital images ; Acqua Alta – Crossing the mirror : a book whose drawings and paper volumes become the décor of the story, only visible in augmented reality; Acqua Alta – Tête-à-tête : an immersive experience in a virtual reality headset to live one scene of the performance in immediate proximity.

The suggested parcours is made up of the three experiences above, they resonate with one another.

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