Une Autre Passion

By In Dance 1 hour 21 min

“It is Lidberg's choreography which is utterly mesmerising. It shies away from virtuoso or muscular exhibitionism, there is no energy on display here. On the contrary, liquid, soft, light movements, which resort to the myriad possibilities of contemporary dance but never aim to overpower the imposing score, here in a historic recording by Karl Richter. Their movements become more commanding, conquering us little by little, with an enveloping spiral of lightness and spirituality, taking the audience by the hand and
leading it into the sublime music of Bach.”
Sergio Trombetta, Danza&Danza nr. 274 Maggio/Giugno 2017

Creation for

Costume design: Reid and Harriet Design
Set design: Pontus Lidberg and Carolyn Wong
Light design: Pontus Lidberg and Carolyn Wong

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