Por vos muero

for you I have to die, and for you I die

By In Dance 32 min

Duato was inspired by old Spanish music of the 15th and 16th centuries together with some of the most beautiful verses of the Spanish poet Garcilaso de la Vega. Music and poetry connect the obviously contemporary dance of Por Vos Muero to its historic reference. In the 15th and 16th centuries dances formed part of the cultural expression of people, including all social hierarchies, and therefore they produced an honest reflection of culture of that time. Por Vos Muero wants to pay a tribute to the very important role that dance played in every sort of social event during those ancient times.

Text by Garcilaso de la Vega recited by Miguel Bosé

I am continuously bathed in tears
always breaking the air with sights
and I am even more hurt by not telling
I have arrived at this point because of you

Song, I have told more that ordered
and less than I thought
do not ask me more, cause I will tell it

No one can be happy, Madam,
nor unhappy, unless he has looked at you
cause the glory of seeing you vanishes
in the moment one thinks of deserving you
therefore, without knowing you,
no one can be happy, Madam,
nor unhappy, unless he has looked at you

People get scared
as you made them all gossip
cause a miracle you made
had to happen in the wedding
I think you have to come
if you continue on that way
to turn water into wine
as well as dance into laugh

Tears that on this grave
pour and were poured, receive,
although they will be fruitless
until that eternal, dark night
close those eyes which saw you
leaving me with other ones to see you

Written on my soul is your gesture
and all I desire to write about you
you yourself wrote it, I only read it
that even on that matter I follow you

In that I am and will be ever ready
cause even though I cannot cope with as much as I see in you
from so much good, I believe in what I cannot understand
taking the faith us premise

I was not born but to love you
my soul is patterned to your measures
and because of its habit I do love you

I confess to owe you all I have
for you I was born, for you I am alive
for you I have to die, and for you I die.