By In Dance 1 hour 24 min

Bringing the Mind back home, where the inner vision perceives the spaces we live in, inspired by the writings of Gaston Bachelard, La poétique de l’espace.

These spaces contain the hallways of our mind as memories of mystery contained in sacred spaces and place. Shelters of our imagination of houses, corners, attics, cellars, and the immensity of intimacy that grants the consciousness a sphere of Universal Awareness. The explorations into the recesses of the spiritual dimensions of our being. That space includes a poetry of the sealed vase of creative adventures.

Why this work? It is intention for those indelible houses and places which we inhabit, as possessing an inherent value of humanities urge for security and longing for the furtherance of the mysterious forces which provide our tangible realities of profane and sacred values. A recognition of our everyday lives made visible. Our minuscule immensity of presence in the Universe.

An act in 7 parts of metaphor and poetry: house, from cellar to attic – drawers, chests, wardrobes of contained secrets – nests and shells of shelter – corners of the alone and dreams – miniature to universe – intimate immensity – the eternal circle, within and without.

Each of the 7 sections will include a poem from poets as Milosz, Rilke, Baudelaire…

Hurricanes, storms, and downpours haunt the “poetics of space”, all tremors that make the simple of huts shine in strength of sheltering… Something that Bachelard uses to open our understanding of house and universe. of miniature and immensity.

As dance is inherent without word, this work is but a participation in a flowing onward expressed in terms of time and space.

A metaphor of meditation for one hour 20 minutes.

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