A tribute to Francesca Woodman

By In Dance 1 hour 27 min

With this production, inspired by the figure of Inanna, a Mesopotamian divinity, has created a committed yet poetic piece of work.

It is pretty safe to say that Carolyn Carlson, the American without borders, is a choreographer of women par excellence: whether we think of the time in the past when she directed herself in “Blue Lady” and in “Dark”, or the time she directed others in “Signes” and “Hidden”, Carolyn Carlson invites mothers, sisters, lovers and dancers. And occasionally, a few men too! “Inanna” illustrates these women today… warriors, seductresses, protectors who echo “Inanna”, the multifaceted goddess from the Sumerian pantheon. In a décor made of bricks (created by Euan Burnet-Smith) and using poetry as a source of inspiration, Carolyn Carlson multiplies profiles, dares to include an ever-so refined dance at certain moments, a lyrical style at other moments, yet perpetually incredibly generous. In this ode to the embodiment of the feminine being, seven performers create harmony between bodies and passions.

Carolyn Carlson, at the height of her art, invites to discover the changing colours of her choreography, drawing from each one the resources required to evoke this “mysterious energy” that composes everything that we see in the sky, the folds of time and space”. “Inanna” is an edifying production, created in 2005, when Carolyn Carlson established herself at the Roubaix National Choreographic Centre. This tribute to beauty will, henceforth, lull the fringes of the .

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