In and Out

By In Dance 22 min

Following the recent programme  Variations, presents another ballet from Hans van Manen's treasury: In and Out. The choreography danced by the twelve dancers of the Junior Company.

The Junior Company danced In and Out for the first time on 7 March 2020 in Theater De Meervaart, Amsterdam. The latest generation of Junior Company dancers has recently rehearsed and performed the choreography on the main stage of & Ballet.
Hans van Manen created In and Out, to music by Laurie Anderson and Nina Hagen, for Dutch National Ballet in 1983. Van Manen likes to impose restrictions on himself. In In and Out, he does this in a spatial sense, with three cabinets on stage, in which twelve dancers continually disappear and reappear. One moment they are standing, hanging or climbing in a cabinet, the next they are storming across the stage. At first the atmosphere is playful, light and sexy, but when the music by Nina Hagen takes over from Laurie Anderson, the atmosphere becomes aggressive and toxic.

Choreography: Hans van Manen
Music: Laurie Anderson, Walking and falling, Let X = X, It tango
Nina Hagen, Der Spinner, Fisch im Wasser, Naturträne
Set and costume design Keso Dekker
Lighting design Jan Hofstra