Draw From Within

By In Dance, Films 1 hour 12 min

Draw From Within choreographed by cinematographer and choreographer was one of the first live-stream dance events to be performed and screened live during the early months of the pandemic.
Together, Wim Vandekeybus and have created an exhilarating reflection on a time when we're desperate for old-fashioned physical interaction, and find ourselves wondering which way is up.

Through the eye of the camera – you'll land right in the middle of a turbo-charged live performance.
Rambert's London South Bank studios will be transformed into a series of contrasting, vivid theatrical worlds, some dream worlds, some nightmares, some turned upside down…

Wim Vandekeybus is a story-teller. At this precise moment in the world, he wants to show how we're at once fragile and strong. Threat is countered by liberation, death by birth. Most of the time we don't think of the blood coursing through our veins. We usually only become aware of our heart beating in our chest when we're afraid, or something's wrong. Wim wants to dare us to look under the skin and embrace these contraries.