Double Side

By In Dance 1 hour 10 min

Fondazione Nazionale della Danza / , a pioneering dance structure in Italy presents two choreographers from Canada and Cuba: and . In close collaboration with the Orchestra La Toscanini of Parma, Teatro Municipale Valli Reggio Emilia is the stage for Double Side, where an ensemble of dancers, singers and string players perform a baroque suite and Arvo Pärt's Stabat Mater.

Desnoyers comes from Montréal, the metropolis of modern Canadian dance, where her light and fluid style and her company have established him a fixture on the contemporary scene. With a strong sense of theatre , her creations always have a strong relationship with music. Her new work for Aterballetto is based on a suite by Federico Gon, an Italian baroque composer who was inspired by Henry Purcell.

For his part, Raffo is inspired by religious music. The up-and-coming young choreographer is a former soloist with Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, the most important contemporary company in Cuba. Arvo Pärt's Stabat Mater becomes a painful farewell work for him. The Estonian composer set the medieval text on a mother's sorrow to music in his characteristic reduced style. The moving effect of this music also characterises the expressive, free and pure dance. ‘How can one find hope in a broken world after such a great loss, how can one go on living?' These are the existential questions of Norge Cedeño Raffo's work.

Stabat Mater
(Creation for 3 dancers, 3 musicians, 3 singers)

With Drooping Wings
(Creation for 8 dancers, 4 strings)