Cartes blanches

An anniversary performance, celebrating in movement 20 years of history

By In Dance 55 min

An anniversary performance, celebrating in movement 20 years of history.

In 2016, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, brings together in Carte Blanches several dancers who have gone through the life of the company, from its beginnings until today.

This anniversary rendez-vous is designed as a place of friendly and complicit reunions, highlighting those who have marked the creations of the Käfig company. 20 years of meetings, constructions, stages, successes, gestures, lyrics… 20 years danced by those who witnessed the epic adventure of Käfig.

The 6 dancers who sailed from Käfig to Pixel, via Ten Versions or Body is graphic once again share the dance floor.

A sofa, armchairs, chandeliers, carpets, it's in this setting that the choreographer sets in motion moments of life and the memory of the bodies of Yann Abidi, Rémi Autechaud, Kader Belmoktar, Brahim Bouchelaghem, Rashid Hamchaoui and Hafid Sour. As many exceptional dancers who have evolved, built their own history but find themselves today to testify to a singular adventure.

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