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A nine dancers piece created for the Paris Opera ballet in very special circumstances, in close collaboration with renowned visual artist JR, composer and pianist Koki Nakano and dancer Aimilios Arapoglou.

In June 2020, Aurelie Dupont, the director of The Paris Opera Ballet is facing a disastrous consequence of the Covid 19 crisis. The 2019-2020 season is hugely impacted by the crisis, and she decides to use this uncertain time to renovate the two main stages of The Paris Opera. She also decides though, to create a series of performances on a stage built in front of the iron curtain – directly on top of the orchestra pit of Opera Garnier. One of these programs is named “Create Today” . Four contemporary choreographers ( , , Medhi Kerkouche, and ) are invited to create a piece for the dancers of the Opera, working with the very limited technical conditions this new stage offers, and with a limited amount of time to both conceive of, and execute the new creation. Damien Jalet creates “Brise-Lames” (wave-breaker); a piece for 9 dancers working in close collaboration with long-standing partner and dancer Aimilios Arapoglou, renowned visual artist JR, pianist and composer Koki Nakano, and lighting designer Fabiana Piccioli. Unfortunately, a second French lockdown is set in place just 5 days before the premiere which prevents the premiere and the scheduled shows to occur. The performance though, was filmed by a French television crew and resulted in a film directed by Louise Narboni in close collaboration with Jalet.

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