8 Minutes

By In Dance 1 hour 3 min

Igniting our imaginations with spectacular forces and overwhelming scales, space exploration constantly re shapes how we understand ourselves and our place in the universe.

In this critically acclaimed production, takes inspiration from the stunning images and data produced by solar science research in a collaboration with scientists from STFC RAL Space.

With a specially created score by the electroacoustic music innovator Daniel Wohl and an installation of high-definition imagery from BAFTA award-winning visual artist Tal Rosner, 8 Minutes creates a striking, immersive environment of dance, music and film to illuminate our relationship with the star that gives us life.

A former Choreographic Affiliate of and commissioned by , , and Candoco, Alexander has developed a rapidly growing reputation for ambitious and intricately crafted work including his 2016 groundbreaking interactive digital work, Pattern Recognition.

The 8 Minutes project also incorporates an innovative Creative Learning Programme with workshops for local students following the production's tour and an intensive residency programme aimed at students in Year 5 (aged 9–10 years). Created with input from RAL Space scientists and the artists team, the workshops will draw on the creative process around the making of 8 Minutes, combining artistic and scientific concepts to explore the parallels between the two.

Artistic Director and Choreographer: Alexander Whitley

Video Artist: Tal Rosner

Composer: Daniel Wohl

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