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Widely lauded by critics, 1984 is an awe-inspiring retelling of George Orwell's masterpiece choreographed by . Winston Smith lives in a world of absolute conformity, his every action scrutinised by Big Brother. When he meets Julia however, Winston dares to rebel by falling in love. Danced by – the UK's foremost narrative ballet company – to a score by Tony-nominated composer Alex Baranowski, this thoroughly modern take on 1984 will change the way you think about ballet. Batley [Winston Smith] and Leebolt [Julia] are excellent, their bodies as vividly present as their faces are haunted. At the chilling end, we realise not only how intently we have been watching, but also that we too may be being watched. (Sanjoy Roy, The Guardian)

This is gripping storytelling” (The Stage)

An ambitious, compelling and, ultimately, moving new ballet. Even more powerful are the intimate duets for Winston and Julia, verboten lovers who are dancing on a metaphorical razor's edge. Thinking themselves free of the gaze of Big Brother, they give themselves to each other with a genuinely moving passion, which is danced gorgeously by Tobias Batley and Martha Leebolt.

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