By In Dance 1 hour 31 min

Ballet with original music by Philip Glass based on Lewis Carroll's novel (1865).

In the early 1860s, to entertain young Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll dreamt up a strange and wonderful world where common sense is nonsense, cats are nihilists, hatters are mad, silkworms are opium addicts, and playing cards are soldiers under the command of a tyrannical Queen of Hearts. Written in 1865, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, followed in 1871 by Through the Looking-Glass, was a popular success. Before long, all British schoolchildren and their parents knew about the escapades of the young Alice who, to dispel the boredom of a summer afternoon, follows a white rabbit sporting a tailcoat and pocket watch as he dashes into his burrow.

From Walt Disney to Tim Burton, artists spanning all disciplines have been inspired by Carroll's rich imagination. With a new score by Philip Glass, a figurehead of American minimalism, choreographers and reimagine and reinvent Carroll's fantastical world. Freed from the original narrative, the dancers of the OnR Ballet play a new gallery of contemporary creatures and characters, joined by actor Sunnyi Melles.

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