空 KU

By In Dance 42 min

What is Ku?
In an ever-changing world.
The sun rises from the east in the morning and sets in the west in the evening.
The moon then rises and its shape changes every cycle.
The cherry blossom loses its flowers in the wind 10 days only after blooming.
There must be a law guiding this ever-changing world.
The ancient Indian Buddhists named it 空 Ku.
Science has already proven many things in the universe, yet no one knows how or why we exist.
What is Ku?
There is no answer.
It is inaccessible and can't be shared. However, when Ku is felt we know it exists.

To seek BEAUTY in this ever-transforming world.
To focus on our inner LIGHT.
To LOVE without expecting anything in return.
I embrace my inner child.
She runs around naked and giggles…
I tell her I love her.
We are made of LIGHT and our THOUGHTS move faster than the speed of light.

Choreography: Yuka Oishi

Music: Stephan Micus, Daniel Hope, Jogi Hirota & The Taiko Drummers

Costumes: Henri Davila

Light: Dominique Roman

Premiere: Beaulieu Theatre, June 22, 2018

Original cast: Fabrice Gallarrague, Lisa Cano, Jaym O'Esso, Oana Cojocaru, Jasmine Cammarota, Alanna Archibald, Denovane Victoire, Mari Ohashi, Mattia Galiotto, Vito Pansini, Angelo Perfido, Federico Matetich, Michelangelo Chelucci, Chiara Posca, Valerija Frank, Bianca Stoicheciu, Antoine Le Moal